Meet Lola

Lola’s Story

Lola is a little girl navigating life with her two mommies, an active imagination, and emotional intelligence.

Lola’s childhood is unconventional. Having two mommies who use conscious parenting methods to help her learn and grow gives her a unique perspective on life, love, and family.

You and your little one will have lots of fun when you Live, Laugh, and Love with Lola.

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Lollipop Lola: Pandemic Warrior

Lola is adjusting to life during the pandemic by adopting a solution-oriented point of view

Lola misses school and her friends. She feels stressed, powerless, and is having trouble adjusting. By becoming a pandemic warrior, and using physical and emotional health promoting topics, she grows into learning to appreciate the opportunities provided by the pandemic, as opposed to lamenting the things she’s lost because of it. 

Coming Soon: 

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